Lumije Him ( is a new and very different kind of women's fine jewelry website.    One that is designed from the ground up for the way you shop, not the way she does.  

The idea for this site grew from my involvement in's "sister" site since it launched several years ago.  The creation of this site was also influenced by hearing my friends recount their war-stories of buying jewelry for their significant others.  Not to mention, my own less than stellar record of gifting my wife trendy fine jewelry.

        The Mission of the Site is Simple                

We want you to be able to confidently, and with as little stress as possible, buy her a piece of fine jewelry she'll cherish forever and cherish you for it.  

To help you in accomplishing these goals we have taken our over 60-plus years of experience in the diamond and diamond jewelry business and done all the heavy-lifting for you.  The result is a streamlined product selection and simplified buying process.    I will explain in more detail what we did and the reason we did it.


You Will Notice That we Concentrate on the Diamond Classics  

We Did This for Two Reasons:


    1. These classics are timeless and highly versatile. She to can wear them daily in a whole variety of settings be it active, casual or dressy. 
    2. Because they are classics, you don't need to worry about choosing something trendy (leave that to her).  This will greatly improve your handicap!  Increasing the odds that she will love what you've chosen and admire you for your impeccable taste.


To increase your batting percentage even more, we have chosen the most popular setting styles and honed in on the "Goldilocks" range of diamond color and clarities--so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

To Save you Time and Reduce Needless Stress, we Simplified the Jewelry-Buying Process



All You Need to do is Follow These Five Steps:

  1. Choose which classic piece of diamond jewelry you want to buy her.
  2. Decide on a budget.
  3. Choose between natural or lab-grown diamonds.
  4. Based on #2 & #3 you can figure out what the carat size fits your budget.
  5. Choose 14K white or yellow gold.

And that's it!  Your classic piece of diamond jewelry will be hand-crafted right here in the USA,  and within days shipped free overnight-air in a beautiful box wrapped up with a pretty bow.   All you'll need to do is give it to her, sit back and enjoy being a gift-giving hero.

Naturally, I or someone on the team are always here to help.  We are more than happy to speak with you on the phone, or to have you come up to our 5th Avenue offices in person for a customized experience.  Another option is to schedule a video chat.



Gift with Confidence & Success!

P.S. :  Also, feel free to email me directly