The idea for this new and different website grew from my involvement with, a fine jewelry website that Deborah Samuels and I have worked on for several years.

Since my immersion in and exploration of the competition, I realized there was no website that sold women's fine jewelry where a man could buy his partner jewelry without feeling like a fish out of water.  

Websites that sell women's jewelry are designed for women.

These sites are designed to appeal to women shoppers, their sensibilities, and the things that enhance their shopping experience and help them buy.  How do I know this? is such a website.  

These sites contain:

  1. A wide range of options and styles, which women appreciate but tend to overwhelm most men.
  2. The font, design, and color pallet chosen appeal aesthetically to women but are lost on most men.
  3. The photography is aspirational and contains many pictures of beautiful people wearing jewelry in different settings. 

These types of images are things help women visualize what the jewelry might look like on them. However, most men are not moved or motivated to buy by them.

If your like me, then these are the things that are important to you when buying your partner jewelry.

I think the overriding goal is that she will be thrilled with your choice and, in turn, be thrilled with you.

Nothing can entirely take the wind out of your sails like giving your significant other a gift of fine jewelry, which you spent your time and money shopping for, only to have her open the box and hear those four disappointing words, "Can this be returned?"

After this primary goal:

  1. You want to understand what you're buying. You want less fluff and more information/specs so you can compare and contrast and make an educated decision.
  2. You want to minimize the time you spend shopping and more time buying.
  3. You want to feel you got a good value and didn't get fleeced (let's face it, fine jewelry is expensive).  

Based on these needs, we created Lumije Him. 

For this reason, Deborah and I created this "brother" site for  Lumije Him is a fine jewelry website designed for how men shop rather than for how women do.  

Lumije Him:

  1. Stresses education and provides you with the facts without the unnecessary fluff. 
  2. The jewelry itself takes center stage, so we have limited the number of photos of models wearing it.
  3. The product selection has been narrowed to include just the diamond classics (because these have an excellent track record of being women-pleasers).  
  4. To ensure we help you improve your batting average further, we have chosen the most popular settings for each classic jewelry item.  
  5. To help you get the best bang for your buck, we have used our 60+ years of experience in diamonds and diamond jewelry to select the "Goldilocks" range of diamond colors, clarity, and cut-grade for each piece. This will ensure that you spend your money only on things that add to the piece's beauty, not on unnecessary things.
  6. To help you spend less time shopping and more time buying, we streamlined the process into five easy steps:
  1. Choose which classic piece of diamond jewelry you want to buy her.
  2. Decide on a budget.
  3. Choose between natural or lab-grown diamonds.
  4. Based on #2 & #3 you can figure out what the carat size fits your budget.
  5. Choose 14K white or yellow gold.

And that's it. Your item will arrive already gift-wrapped via free, insured UPS Next Day Air.  

To give you peace of mind, we offer a 14-day return policy with free returns and a 60-day jewelry warranty.

We did all these things so your shopping experience can be smooth, easy and successful.  You'll feel good about your purchase, and most importantly, instead of hearing her say those four dreaded words, "Can this be returned?" you'll hear these six words instead: "I love it! And love you!"

Gift with Confidence & Success!


Naturally, I or someone on the team are always here to help.  We are more than happy to speak with you on the phone, or to have you come up to our 5th Avenue offices in person for a customized experience.  Another option is to schedule a video chat.

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